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From Ben Starr: MasterChef: A Farewell Perspective

Ben has finally given the scoop on why he will not watch MasterChef anymore. And I couldn’t agree with him more. Check out what he has to say here: For those of you who’ve stuck around and read the recaps … Continue reading

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Masterchef 4 Recap: Team Mystery Box and Chocolate (S4E23)

Disclaimer: I know who got eliminated, and I know who wins, so I apologize if my analysis is somewhat biased due to my spoiler knowledge. Call me out on it! After a highly engineered elimination that saw poor James get … Continue reading

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21st Birthday Trip!

I’m turning 21 soon! As a present to myself, I want to take a mini-vacation (3-4 days) somewhere. Any suggestions? Want to host me? :) Only limitation is that it has to be a city that American Airlines flies to. Let … Continue reading

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MasterChef: Firefighters, Vegas, Lidia, and Glee (7-10)

I’ll be honest, I don’t have that much to say about these episodes. After reading Ben’s writeup about the Firefighters and Vegas episodes, I seriously considered whether to even watch the two episodes since his blog basically told me everything … Continue reading

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MC4 Episodes 5-6

Brief thoughts in chronological order: Oh god I hate school buses. So many bad memories.   I love Krissi’s honesty.   Graham makes a hilarious, but totally believable school bus driver.   Joe is still a terrible actor.   Lynn … Continue reading

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MC4 Auditions Episode 1-2

I’ve had some requests to share my thoughts on this new season of MasterChef, so here are some of the notes that I took as I watched. These would be my “live tweets” if I was watching the episode live. … Continue reading

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My message

Now this blog I usually dedicate solely to food adventures, but this video I made is close to my heart and I want to share it with as many people possible! It’s not meant to be a fancy musical cover, but more an expression of myself and the message I want to share with people. Please check it out, like/reblog/share with your friends!!

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MasterChef: Top 15 (my elimination)

I posted a long and elaborate note on my last episode as a MasterChef contestant on my facebook fan page at Please go check it out, and I promise I’ll get back to posting on this site soon! I’ve … Continue reading

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MasterChef Premieres TONIGHT!

I’m cooking on the SEASON PREMIERE of MasterChef during the first episode of auditions! (There are at least two). It’s gonna be awesome and embarrassing at the same time to see myself on national TV. I’m so thrilled to have … Continue reading

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