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A rare treat: Flying First Class internationally on an American Airlines 777-200ER

After jumping through multiple hoops, and losing several years of my life from the stress of juggling travel and flights (including booking a last minute red-eye to Denver the night before I was set to leave), I finally got what … Continue reading

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MC4 Episodes 3-4

Here are my general notes: Every time I watch this show, I keep on seeing and hearing things that make me think “Déjà vu” I am probably most jealous that I didn’t get to cook for Jane Lynch Now MC4 … Continue reading

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RR #1: Barley Swine

I’ve decided that I want to start  segment of my blog dedicated to Restaurant Reviews (RR). It’s kind of cathartic for me to sit down and to critique somebody else’s food for once after having been on the receiving end … Continue reading

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