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A Big Change

Hello Friends! If you followed me on Facebook yesterday, you saw that I announced that “Big changes coming up….stay tuned for more details!!”. Well the time has finally come to share what that big change is :). As some of … Continue reading

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Where I am now?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, sorry about that! I’ve been primarily using my Facebook to keep in touch with my fans, but I realize that some people don’t have facebook and others might find me for the first time … Continue reading

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A year for the history books.

At least my history book ;-). Some notable things that happened this year, many of which you may be familiar with already. But it’s a good reminded for me to see just how much this past year changed me as … Continue reading

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Life in Canada (so far)

Just popping by with a brief update for my blog readers out there to let yall know what is going on! The restaurant I’m at is great! I’m about to start my second week of dinner service. The first week … Continue reading

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Turning a page

In less than two weeks, I will take a trip across the country and continent, ultimately culminating at a small city located in Quebec, Canada. This will be the first trip I have taken in which there is no guarantee … Continue reading

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Chipotle Southwest Potato Salad

Hey guys! Thought I’d post a quick recipe. I came up with this one quickly one day while at work, and the end result is pretty tasty (one of my favorite salads I’ve made yet, and I make a LOT … Continue reading

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A Stage’s Worst Nightmare

40 pounds of edamame. That’s approximately how much I spilled onto the kitchen floor during the busiest part of dinner service at Uchiko. That’s how much ingredient I had to sweep up and toss in the trash while the other … Continue reading

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The Best of the Past Three Months

Sorry this post is a little bit overdue. The last post I wrote about my experience in the culinary world sounded a bit negative, so I thought I’d balance it out by sharing some of my favorite moments from the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on life in the culinary world

For the better part of 3 months now since the filming of MasterChef concluded, I have been working in professional kitchens. Sometimes I’m paid, sometimes I’m not. Throughout these past couple of months, there are some things that I’ve taken … Continue reading

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Brief Update!

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating for so long. I’ve cooked quite a bit of stuff lately, but they were all “experimental” projects where I wasn’t happy enough with the final result to want to share if with you guys, … Continue reading

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