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A Question of Ethics: The Death Penalty

Hello! For those of you anxiously waiting for the MasterChef recap, I’m afraid you will have to wait a little bit longer. I will shoot out a quick, condensed version to wrap up this season soon! I was reading this … Continue reading

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Where I am now?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, sorry about that! I’ve been primarily using my Facebook to keep in touch with my fans, but I realize that some people don’t have facebook and others might find me for the first time … Continue reading

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Q&A, Edition #1

I recently announced a Q&A session on Facebook telling fans that they could ask me whatever question they wanted, and guaranteeing an answer to every question. Here are the questions I received and my responses. Which cities/states in the US have … Continue reading

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A year for the history books.

At least my history book ;-). Some notable things that happened this year, many of which you may be familiar with already. But it’s a good reminded for me to see just how much this past year changed me as … Continue reading

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Brief Update!

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating for so long. I’ve cooked quite a bit of stuff lately, but they were all “experimental” projects where I wasn’t happy enough with the final result to want to share if with you guys, … Continue reading

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Q and A #1

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted…sorry! This week has been hectic of course and a lot has gone on. However, there’s not a lot of “bloggable” material at this moment. I tried out a few recipes and they … Continue reading

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myFOXaustin Morning Show!

Here’s the link to a video of a brief segment I did for the local FOX station’s morning show! I’ll post a more detailed version of the recipe along with some special tips here soon :). Remember, follow me … Continue reading

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Awesome Night!

Thanks for everybody that came out and supported me! It was so surreal. All of yall’s messages just made a great night even better, so thank you! I now have my own official MASTERCHEF twitter fan page @MC3Michael! Please follow … Continue reading

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All over the world

Check out this diversity! I literally have viewers from around the world! If you’re checking my site out from anywhere other than the USA, let me know who you are :).

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