MC4 Auditions Episode 1-2

I’ve had some requests to share my thoughts on this new season of MasterChef, so here are some of the notes that I took as I watched. These would be my “live tweets” if I was watching the episode live. Alas, I had to view it on TiVo at Jennie Kelley (from MasterChef Season 2)’s apartment.

What is up with reality TV and helicopters?


The same intro lines from the 3 judges? “A MasterChef puts PERFECTION on EVERY plate”. I expected some new “taglines”


Paula deen is back?????


LOL the fake boxes are back as well hahaha. They are filled with bricks, not vegetables :P




Digging gordon’s new haircut.


And there’s Luca!


Joe is trying really hard to be expressive. It’s not working.


The big reveal of the MasterChef trophy, aka the MC d*ldo. LOL. In the words of @MC3Christine, nice and big just for you.


It is virtually guaranteed that Natasha isn’t actually the FIRST contestant to audition. I wasn’t the first one last year, but they made it edited to look that way.


Her dish looks great visually. The intimidation games already begin.


Congrats to Natasha!


LOL another Asian Christine. It’s impossible for her to do well just because of coincidental similarities with last year’s Christine.


Her dish looks yummy, and the duck looks cooked well. As long as it’s seasoned well, I would totally eat it.


Joe isn’t a very good actor. His words feel so rehearsed……


Walmart steaks again???? -___-


Poor Christine L. But there was no way she was going to be able to make it far just based on last year’s events. That’s just how reality tv goes haha.


Rabbit with the fur still on???


Ostrich -______-


All this “exotic” food should only make you more skeptical that they cast the true top 100 cooks for this stage of the competition. ….


LOL “I couldn’t ‘bear’ it” hahahaha


Bryan…..king of awkward creepiness. Cue all the sexual puns…..


He is totally like a creepier, odder version of Bubba.


OMG the sexual puns are getting out of hand. What about the gay men, Joe?????


Either he is mentally ill or he is doing a really poor job of acting over the top……


Oh goodness, another heart-wrenching story :(. Reminds me a lot of MC3Christine’s, of course.


The plate looks beautiful. He has finesse…


Beautiful plate in all, and undoubtedly delicious, but how is that an ancho chile tostada?


Ignoring the breast milk part, “baked macaroni trees?”


Adriana just carries herself like a strong contender.


Dried shrimp croutons sound so delicious…


I like how she has the cactus just on display.


Really Gordon, a “no” just because a girl is sweet? You really can’t get more “sweet” or “nice” than Christine from last season, and look where that got here. Hahaha


I really don’t feel like Adriana is a “wimp”. She reminds me of Stacey of last season a little bit.


LOL that Asian kid looks exactly like a bigger, stockier version of me.


Oh dear, Jorge….really????


So apparently it is a tradition to break plates when you get engaged?? I was so confused for a few seconds.




Goodness, I’ve never seen so much crying in one episode of MasterChef. And with how emotional we were last season, that’s saying something.


Meatloaf Florentine actually sounds really delicious, even if it’s only comfort food. I predict Graham will love it.


FYI, in case you are wondering, there are actual people opening and closing those massive sliding doors.


The mofongo looks delicious…


More tears AGAIN already? This is getting ridiculous…..


If the bass is cooked properly, that dish looks incredible.


From the 80s, oh please. SAYS THE JUDGE WHOSE DISH IS BASICALLY BEEF EN CROUTE (beef wellington). The irony is killing me.


Oh God, another Gordon fish filleting show-off moment….


Okay, this show is getting a little bit too nutty. This is just ridiculous and really silly….


That guy on the pogo stick was kinda cute hehe


As he was walking out, I was muttering to my boyfriend “I know he has it, it is hidden somewhere, I know it”. Bingo! If you give me 10 bucks I’ll predict your lottery numbers too ;)


And here we have our big, strong black woman.


OH MY GOD THE CHICKEN AND CREPES LOOK SO GOOD. I love chicken and waffles already but this just looks amazing. Now about her personality………


Oh my god these people are just getting more and more ridiculous. Does anybody honestly believe that these are the best 100 cooks in America?


Looks like he didn’t get a chance to finish the other taco? Just a piece of fry bread on a plate


ENOUGH with these dramatic pauses already =_=


I have to say, the number of people that go into the audition room with props this year has increased dramatically….


First ever repeat success story in Masterchef. Was a bit weird to see him on there twice with such long features, haha.

In summary, it should be immensely clear that the top 100 cooks were chosen based on their….uniqueness, and not so much for how well they can cook. It was like that last year already, but it’s even more apparent this year. It has always been this way, more or less, but this year’s “gimmicks” put Cowboy Mike’s horse and monkey guy to shame. Pogo sticks, live ostriches, motorcycles, fire spinners, weird robots….I mean really? If you really stop and think about it, the only way for these kind of entrances to happen is if they were set up/encouraged by the production staff. It’s a little bit weird to see this labeled as a hardcore cooking competition, at least at this stage. Hopefully things get a little bit more serious later on.

So far, my favorites are Luca and Adriana, just because I knew Luca from last season and he seems like a really cool guy. I predict that he will make it all the way to the finals*.

Some people have been giving MC3Christine some flak for joking about how this year’s Christine had no chance because of her success from last year. Her comment stemmed not from arrogance (I’m the queen of the Asian Christines, and you won’t overthrow my reign b*tch!!) as much as the reality of how reality TV works. Realistically, for the sake of keeping the show fresh and the viewers happy, there was no way that she was going to be able to do well. Can you imagine the eye-roll reaction from the audience if that were the case? To be honest I’m surprised that she even made it onto the screen for such a full length feature.

I also think this season of MasterChef is playing along with the emotional side of audiences a lot more. I’m not one to talk (cried like 3 times during my short stint on the show), but they definitely seem like they are trying to focus on that a lot more. But the amount of sob stories just got to the point where I buried my head in my hands after the 4th one and said to myself “not again…..”

This season of masterchef is definitely interesting. I’m don’t feel that compelled to keep up with it. Yet, I feel like it’s something that I should do, so what will likely happen is that MC4 won’t be high on my list of priorities, but I’ll watch it when I can.

Don’t have much else to say. Let’s see what the rest of the season brings…..

About Michael Chen

A contestant on season 3 of FOX's MasterChef! Tune in on June 4 and 5 at 9/8c to watch me compete in the top 100 home cooks in America!
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One Response to MC4 Auditions Episode 1-2

  1. Gregory Wright says:

    Fun to read your reactions! Way more gimmicks this year…

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