Q and A #1

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted…sorry! This week has been hectic of course and a lot has gone on. However, there’s not a lot of “bloggable” material at this moment. I tried out a few recipes and they kind of failed, so I’m reanalyzing a little bit to see what I can do better.

So I’m going to do a brief Q and A session to fill the time. I invite you to ask me any question you’d like! I’ll answer all the appropriate ones, and for the ones I feel should be shared with everybody else, I’ll compile them in a separate post!

I have some questions for you as well!

  1. Which herbs would yall recommend growing in an indoor potted plant? I currently have basil, looking to expand beyond that.
  2. If you had one favorite spice, what would it be? Herb?
  3. What’s your favorite kind of meat/cut and why?
  4. Do you have any recipes you would like for me to test out when I have the time and resources? Please share!

As always, please go to my official MasterChef twitter and facebook pages to keep up with the latest! I always try to offer some sort of response to any feedback or questions you leave me.

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About Michael Chen

A contestant on season 3 of FOX's MasterChef! Tune in on June 4 and 5 at 9/8c to watch me compete in the top 100 home cooks in America!
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10 Responses to Q and A #1

  1. v2squared says:

    I just watched your audition on MasterChef. Well done. I’ll be rooting for you. As for your questions:
    #2 Garlic powder. I can get by without some spices but garlic powder is not one of them.
    #3 Pork butt roast. It is an amazing piece of meat. You can make pork steaks, cubes of pork for stir fry, cut strips to put on skewers for grilled recipes, is excellent to grind for any recipe needing ground pork (your dumplings perhaps), well you get the idea. If I have a pork butt roast I can prepare meals for a week with no repeats and many flavor profiles. There isn’t any other cut of meat that comes close in my opinion.

    Best wishes to you in your MasterChef competition. Something tells me that you will do well in the future regardless of the outcome of MasterChef. Remember that your goal,( to be a chef), and their goal, (to deliver ratings) may or may not be in conflict. In the end you will still be able to make a dumpling that three great chefs appreciated. I hope to be able to taste your food in the future.

    • Michael Chen says:

      I actually don’t use garlic powder that much (But I use a TON of fresh garlic). Used it for the first time in a while to season some chicken today.

      And I LOVE pork butt. I’ve roasted it before (Delicious slow roast!), and in my audition I actually bought some to use in the meat grinder. Sadly, I couldn’t freeze it so it didn’t really work out. I’m guessing you saw how that went. Totally with you on that pork butt.

  2. Katie says:

    Michael, I think you are amazing. I saw your audition, and seriously my mouth watered. I’m not much of a cook; I’m more of a baker but since I finished college I’ve started to experiment more. I really enjoy being in the kitchen. Anyway, you are one of my favorites. I went to school in Austin, so since you are from Austin how can you not be awesome? Wishing you the best and will be following you on through. :)

    1. Well, one of my mother’s favorites was mint, and a friend of mine really likes rosemary. Both of those. I’m partial to basil myself; we use it in tomato soup among other things.
    2. My favorite herb is without a doubt cilantro. I absolutely love the way it tastes. I’m more of a baker, so any spices you can use in baking is what I like. They are fun to play with.
    4. Most of the recipes I like are desserts. I really liked making pumpkin muffins though. Although, I’m sure I’ll have more ideas later. Things never come to mind when I’m actually trying to think.

    • Michael Chen says:

      Those match up with my preferences well! I love basil, rosemary, and cilantro! With how rampant rosemary grows around here, I’m surprised anybody buys rosemary from the store!

      • Katie says:

        I completely agree. Another plant my family likes to have around is aloe vera just as a safety. Also, have you ever tried making dolmas? They are so delicious.

  3. Angela says:

    优秀可爱的Michael~支持你呀:) 无论在Master Chef的结果如何,相信你的未来是幸福和光明的~~加油哦!Keep fighting!!!


    • Michael Chen says:

      I’m not great at reading Chinese, but will just assume that “Thank you” is an appropriate response!

      • Angela says:

        Haha~ What I said is that I think you are very talented and cute, and I’ll be rooting for you :) Even though you didn’t win the competition, I still believe that you’ll have a bright future :)

        And I REALLY (I mean REALLY!) wanna have a taste of your dumplings~haha~ Dumplings are my favourate dishes and I am kinda good at making them as well :)

        P.S. I found that you had said “oh my god” in Chinese in the 4th episode, so I assumed that you can speak and read Chinese… Sorry for this inappropriate ><

        Good Luck! :)

      • Michael Chen says:

        I can speak it just fine, but reading and writing is an issue >.<

      • Angela says:

        Hope that one day you can both read and write :) Hope that one day you can publish your cook book in China :)

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