New knives!

I ordered my first knives yesterday. They are Wusthofs, which apparently have an amazing reputation for their reliability and their forged steel blades. I got a set of two (8-inch chef’s knife and 5-inch santoku). The pair together cost me $175, much better than the $390 list price but still wayyy more expensive than any knife I’ve ever owned. When I asked my dad to guess how much my knives cost, noting that they were expensive, his first guess was “$20 each?” Umm, yeah.

When I get them in the mail later this week, I’ll take some pictures, test them out, and let you know what I think. As of right now, here are some pictures off of the Wusthof web site. My knives are from the CLASSIC IKON Creme series.

They are beautiful, aren’t they?

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4 Responses to New knives!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wusthof’s are magnificent! They would be my recommendation for a quality (yet affordable) knife set.

  2. phill says:

    I have the Classic set. They cost a lot but they are still as sharp as the day I bought them. When I first bought them I did the “potato” test. They cut through a raw potato like it was butter!

    • Michael Chen says:

      They are amazing. Mine came with a sharpener. I sharpened them today for the first time after using them for two days straight in the restaurant I’m staging at, and they sliced through tomatoes effortlessly. Slicing tomatoes is my go-to test for sharpness….tomato skins are tough!

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