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MasterChef: Top 15 (my elimination)

I posted a long and elaborate note on my last episode as a MasterChef contestant on my facebook fan page at Please go check it out, and I promise I’ll get back to posting on this site soon! I’ve … Continue reading

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Q and A #1

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted…sorry! This week has been hectic of course and a lot has gone on. However, there’s not a lot of “bloggable” material at this moment. I tried out a few recipes and they … Continue reading

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myFOXaustin Morning Show!

Here’s the link to a video of a brief segment I did for the local FOX station’s morning show! I’ll post a more detailed version of the recipe along with some special tips here soon :). Remember, follow me … Continue reading

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Awesome Night!

Thanks for everybody that came out and supported me! It was so surreal. All of yall’s messages just made a great night even better, so thank you! I now have my own official MASTERCHEF twitter fan page @MC3Michael! Please follow … Continue reading

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MasterChef Premieres TONIGHT!

I’m cooking on the SEASON PREMIERE of MasterChef during the first episode of auditions! (There are at least two). It’s gonna be awesome and embarrassing at the same time to see myself on national TV. I’m so thrilled to have … Continue reading

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New knives!

I ordered my first knives yesterday. They are Wusthofs, which apparently have an amazing reputation for their reliability and their forged steel blades. I got a set of two (8-inch chef’s knife and 5-inch santoku). The pair together cost me … Continue reading

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