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All over the world

Check out this diversity! I literally have viewers from around the world! If you’re checking my site out from anywhere other than the USA, let me know who you are :).

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RR #1: Barley Swine

I’ve decided that I want to start ¬†segment of my blog dedicated to Restaurant Reviews (RR). It’s kind of cathartic for me to sit down and to critique somebody else’s food for once after having been on the receiving end … Continue reading

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Chocolate Souffle (First Try)

So I tried making Chocolate souffles for the first time. Souffles are notorious for being temperamental, and so with my parents out of town I thought it would be the right time to challenge myself. Never mind that it was … Continue reading

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Austin’s OFFICIAL MasterChef Premiere Party!

Featuring me and Tanya Noble, another great girl that is representing Austin in MasterChef’s Top 100. That’s right, there will be TWO of us representing this great city on the best cooking show of all time :), and both of … Continue reading

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Garlic Chives!

If you didn’t know already, the answer to yesterday’s mystery ingredient is Garlic Chives. They differ from chives and scallions in that they have flat (not hollow!) leaves, have a much milder/less oniony/more garlicky/sweeter flavor, and are almost always cooked … Continue reading

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Mystery Ingredient (#1)

Can anybody tell me what this ingredient is? If you can’t see clearly, the leaves are thin and flat (not hollow! hint hint), and taper down to a white, multi-layered base. Leave your guesses below, and I’ll post the answer … Continue reading

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Pan-roasted Salmon with Caramelized Kale and Watermelon Salsa

A few days ago, I posted a photo of this dish on my Facebook. When I cook, I cook using my senses. Very rarely do I follow a recipe strictly (unless it’s baking, a whole different ball game). When I … Continue reading

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The beginning of my food journey

A mere 5 months ago, I was just finishing up my first semester of college at Texas A&M University. College had been treating me well: I had a perfect 4.0 GPA, had started making friends, and was on the path … Continue reading

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